Are you a family member interested in sharing facts about your job/career with your child's class? We can't have guests in school this year, but our EAST program has a solution! JPWEAST is putting together a special Virtual edition of Career Day for 2021. 

Here's how you can be a part of this special day:

Virtual guest speakers will submit a 1-3 minute video on Flipgrid. EAST students will compile your videos in one super fantastic Virtual Career Day video! Submit your video by Monday, April 26th. The video will be shared with JPW students via their classroom teachers and maybe even make an appearance on our JPWEAST facebook page

Click the image below to be a part of this very special edition of JPW Career Day!!!

Career Day Flipgrid

1. Click on the "Are you READY?" image above

2. Log in with Google

3. Read the tips and instructions

4. Click the red "Record a Response" button