Book Fair

Spring On-site Book Fair May 17th-21st

I am very excited that we will get to have an onsite bookfair for our Spring Bookfair. There will be some guidelines we will have to follow to make this a safe event and follow school covid rules. Hopefully next year we will be back to normal.

  • Parents will not be able to come in and shop with their children, and they will not be able to volunteer to help with the book fair this year.

  • The book fair will not be open before or after school.

  • All students will get a chance to look at the items during their regularly scheduled library time. (I will send the kids in small groups to look around/shop during their 40 minute block time)

  • When it is not their library day all classes will have a designated time to come and shop (if they have money).

  • Students can bring cash/check or use e-wallet (on the scholastic website/see links at the bottoms on this page for video) that their adult sets up at home. 

*checks should be made out to Williams Elementary.

  • If you have students in different grades and they need to share money just let me know and when the 1st student comes in I will only let them spend the amount you designate and save the rest for when the other child/children come. (You might let their teachers know so they will be sent to shop)

  • If you want your student to get something specific you can email me or write a note with their money.  If you want them to spend their money on books and not junk (crazy pens, pencils, bookmarks, highlighters, etc.) please let me know.  I will not be selling posters this year (I know most of you will love that).

  • You can look around the virtual bookfair on the Williams Book Fair website (link at bottom of page) to get an idea of what we will have here at school.  This might help you pick specific books. Opens May 12th

  • I will sanitize high traffic areas in-between classes.  If you don’t want your child to look through and touch the books during their library time please let me know.  (I would ask that you explain to your child that you have made this choice and I am not just leaving them out on purpose)

Williams Bookfair website (online shopping/setting up e-wallet):

Video for e-wallet:

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Or call the school at 267-6013 and ask to speak to the librarian.

Ms. Clevenger