School will dismiss at 1:30 on Friday, September 25th to conclude parent-teacher conferences! Enjoy the early day off! #cardstudentsareworthit
about 17 hours ago, Farmington Public Schools
early release
Parents- don't forget to fill out a screening form on each child every morning before they come to school! They can be found easily on our website at or on our Farmington Public Schools App! #cardstudentsareworthit
1 day ago, Farmington Public Schools
Parents, please tell your children to take advantage of our hand sanitation stations at their schools! It is our goal to keep our students as safe as possible! #cardstudentsareworthit
1 day ago, Farmington Public Schools
As noted on our District Calendar, October 16th is a Blended Learning date. All instruction will be provided virtually off-campus for ALL students. #cardstudentsareworthit
2 days ago, Farmington Public Schools
Mr. k’s class all wore jersey team spirit gear because they are working on teamwork! Go Mr. K’s class!!! #cardstudentsareworthit
2 days ago, Williams Elementary
team work
Check out the prizes you could win with our PTA Fundraiser! Remember the more times you share the link, the more prizes you could win! #cardstudentsareworthit
3 days ago, Williams Elementary
Officer Crutchfield and Officer Brotherton are the Farmington Public School Resource Officers. They are the best in the business at keeping our students and staff safe! #CardinalNation #cardstudentsareworthit
3 days ago, Farmington Public Schools
Williams Elementary's counselor, Mrs. Gooch, helps our Ambassadors put the flag up! #cardstudentsareworthit
4 days ago, Williams Elementary
Our PTA Fundraiser Kicks-Off Today! Watch the video for more information and remember to share on social media. Help our school reach our earnings goals this year! #cardstudnetsareworthit
5 days ago, Williams Elementary
Williams and Folsom Elementaries are rockin' the THIRD GRADE Virtual Academy! #cardstudentsareworthit #CardsVirtualAcademy
7 days ago, Williams Elementary
3rd virtual
Mrs. Melnicki's class says, Thank you to Lewis Ford for our Egghead headphones and Expo dry erase markers! #cardstudentsareworthit #LewisFord
8 days ago, Williams Elementary
School friends! #cardstudentsareworthit
8 days ago, Williams Elementary
school friends
Fun learning in our Kindergarten and First Grade Hallway at Williams Elementary! #cardstudentsareworthit
8 days ago, Williams Elementary
Mrs. Lewis' class has a "Me Behind the Mask" bulletin board!
10 days ago, Williams Elementary
behind the mask
Williams Cards have school spirit! Go, Cardinals, beat Prairie Grove! #RedOut #cardstudentsareworthit
15 days ago, Williams Elementary
Please refer to for COVID-19 information. #cardsudentsareworthit
16 days ago, Farmington Public Schools
It felt a bit like Christmas yesterday at Williams Elementary! 35 units of air purifiers were donated by one of our awesome families! Everyone coming together to help keep us safe! Thank you, Weber Family and Solutions Provider/ New Lion Media Group.
16 days ago, Williams Elementary
air purifiers
air purifiers
air purifiers
Williams students are LOVING their special b-day gift from the Principal. This year, it's a special Birthday Mask! First Graders are keeping it safe in Computer class with our masks on!!
17 days ago, Williams Elementary
bday mask
Ms. Barnes teaches her 1st Grade class at Pop Williams Elementary! Trying to keep our students safe by using dividers between desks! #cardstudentsareworthit
17 days ago, Farmington Public Schools
Girl Scouts – Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas Keep her engaged and inspired during challenging times. Renew when you’re ready!
17 days ago, Williams Elementary
girl scouts